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Choose JMS Interiors Inc. to install your fiberglass reinforced panels for your next commercial project. FRPs require low maintenance and are ideal for ceilings or wall coverings. Our standard Fiberglass Reinforced Panels are available in smooth and pebbled surfaces and can be used as a full wall or wainscot panel. 
These easy-to-maintain fiberglass reinforced panels provide durable and affordable interiors for high wear spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. FRPs are washable and offer better protection for wet areas. 
In addition to fiberglass reinforced panels, we work on acoustic ceilingsmetal framesdrywall and doors and frames. Call JMS today to schedule your Free Estimate. We have over 30 years experience serving San Diego and Southern California. 

FRP Manufacturers:

  • Marlite
  • Nudo
  • Panolam

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